QSL card hand made by SV1AHH
When you are ready to do a QSO you will must be ready to send a QSL card.
Dear Ham friends,
I want to remind to ALL OF US that we have the obligation to answer and confirm the QSOs with QSLs.
It is unfair and unacceptable for some hams to earn a lot of diplomas by our QSLs and they don't care about us.

I mean that they have to respond our QSLs as they have the obligation to do.

It is not polite to not confirm the QSOs. If they don’t want to send QSL they have to change hobby. Ham radio is spirit of collaboration.

I imagine that this story is related to money. Somebody have turned our hobby into business and make a lot of money out of it.

They have to know that it is inappropriate to not confirm the contacts.
It is unacceptable to have QSOs and not confirm them.
Shame and disgrace.
It is our obligation to respond to QSLs cards.

The confirmation is our obligation.

We see that some Hams have a great number of QSLs cards that they are waiting to be confirmed, Shame !!!!
They have accounts in particular sites and they gather QSL cards without take care of respond.

They have the obligation to answer all of them that they are wait confirmation. Otherwise they have to close the account.
73 de SV1AHH.