SX1AFM - Contest for the 70 Years of the Hellenic Air Force History Museum

The Hellenic department of the «Fifth OceanHam Aviator’s Club» will activate the event during 1-30 September 2020. These days are dedicated to the 70 Years since the Establishment of the Hellenic Air Force History Museum. The license needed in order to use the special call SX1AFM* has been granted by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport. A special permit has also been granted by the honorable Chief of Air Force
The photographs that were used in the award were given by the courtesy of the commander of the museum. For this purpose, the following award was designed by P. Stavropoulos and G. Petrakis:   [SX1AFM from Air Force Museum]*.

The Hellenic Air Force History Museum was established in 1950. The Mission of the museum is: recording, documenting and promoting the History and tradition of the Air Force, in order to preserve the historical memory and the dissemination of the Aviation Idea. The site of the museum is:

The «Fifth Ocean Ham Aviator’s Club» has members radio amateurs that have strong relationship with aviation and parachuting. Greece has two members in the club:

Technical Support:
SV1JFL Stavros Panagiotopoulos

Hams of all countries are welcomed to have contacts with the:
two operators with the special call sign SX1AFM, and all members of the Fifth Ocean Club to radio amateur bands 3,5 - 50 MHz, in all modes.

The contacts will be counted only during the days of the activity (1 to 30 September 2020). 

The two Greek members of the «Fifth Ocean Ham Aviator’s Club» SV1GGF and SV1AHH will activate the special call sign SX1AFM from Piraeus Hellas. 

The conditions for completing the award:
Required Points : 30.
- contacts with the temporarily given special callsign SX1AFM : 10 points.
- contacts with the members of the Fifth Ocean Club: 5 points.
Repeated QSOs are only allowed on different bands in any mode and different types of mode in the same or to the other bands.

The award is issued free of charge in electronic form through the site:

QSL cards via:, e-QSL, LotW,,,,,   (QSLs  NOT  VIA  BUREAU)
Award is available to SWL’s only via e-mail.  Please send us the log.

e-mails:  and

Best 73s de SV1AHH and SV1GGF